Touch light switch WiFi + RF 433 Sonoff T1 EU (1-kanałowy)

  • Touch light switch  WiFi + RF 433 Sonoff T1 EU (1-kanałowy)
  • Touch light switch  WiFi + RF 433 Sonoff T1 EU (1-kanałowy)
  • Touch light switch  WiFi + RF 433 Sonoff T1 EU (1-kanałowy)
  • Touch light switch  WiFi + RF 433 Sonoff T1 EU (1-kanałowy)
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12 months.
185 pcs
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Smart switch

The Sonoff T1 is a touch, intelligent light switch. It can be operated by means of an application via WiFi network, or classic, at the push of a button. Brighten up the selected room in the house, no matter where you are. Made of high quality materials such as heat-resistant ABS and tempered glass, they ensure safety and fit perfectly into any room. Gentle backlighting of the switch gently highlights its presence and position at night. 


Users can remotely operate connected devices via the free eWeLink application available on iOS and Android platforms. Touch and remote control (433MHz) is also possible. Thanks to the network connection, the synchronization of the device status is immediate, so that the app always displays current data. This allows you to maintain full control over excessive power consumption in our home.

Smart control

Users can set intelligent time schedules to automatically turn devices on/off at or after a certain time. For the bulb to be controlled by other members of the household, users can simply share the device with other accounts and assign specific permissions.

Mobile control

Thanks to the possibility to control with the application, we can easily switch the light in our house on and off. The application is child's play and allows you to easily select the switch where you want to turn the light on or off. Never bother with the light on again when you are not at home.  



Model T1 EU 1C
Voltage 90~250 V AC
Max. voltage 2 A
Max. load power 400 W
Colour White
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Encryption WiFi WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Material Tempered glass / ABS
Number of channels  1
Mounting hole dimensions 86 mm x 86 mm x 32 mm
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