Nakładka ochronna PGYTECH do DJI Smart Controller (P-15D-007)

  • Nakładka ochronna PGYTECH do DJI Smart Controller (P-15D-007)
  • Nakładka ochronna PGYTECH do DJI Smart Controller (P-15D-007)
  • Nakładka ochronna PGYTECH do DJI Smart Controller (P-15D-007)
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PGYTECH protector - keep your DJI Smart Controller safe

Made of flexible and durable TPU plastic protector for DJI Smart Controller makes it easy to transport the device and protects it from both damage and accidental activation. Quick installation means that its use does not cause even the smallest problems. Effective protection of the controller has never been so easy!




Provide comprehensive protection for your controller

Protector comprehensively secures the DJI Smart Controller. Effectively protects its display against scratching and cracking. Also locks the function buttons, which increases the safety of transport and storage equipment. No longer do you have to worry about damage or accidental activation of the controller - the PGYTECH protector allows you to minimize these risks.




Quick and convenient installation

Using the protector does not require you to remove the controller sticks. This makes its use incredibly fast and convenient. The product is designed to provide you with unparalleled comfort. Thanks to this, your DJI Smart Controller will become even more portable, and during transport it will not be at risk of any danger.




Perfect fit

In the production process, flexible TPU plastic and injection molding technology were used. This results in a perfect shape and an optimal fit of the protector to the controller. No additional parts are required for its installation - it has been designed in such a way, that it stably stays on the controller and does not fall off, even during transportation.






Model P-15D-007
Size 181mm * 128mm * 44mm
Weight 80.4g
Material TPU


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