Mouse pad Havit GAMENOTE MP837

  • Mouse pad Havit GAMENOTE MP837
  • Mouse pad Havit GAMENOTE MP837
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Gaming pad MP837

The whole upper surface was covered with a microgrid ensuring fast and precise mouse movement and the tests proved that the current graphics do not disturb the smoothness of movement. Rubberized surface will prevent the movement of the mat. Stitched edges will significantly extend its life. The quality of the materials it is made of ensures partial water resistance and easy to keep it clean.

Gamenote MP837 was created for demanding users, keeping its available form.


Producent Havit
Model MP 837
Width 250 mm
Length 250 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Surface 625 cm2
Edges Stitched
Structure Micro-mesh
Base Anti-slip


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