Havit GAMENOTE F2081 Havit cooling tray

  • Havit GAMENOTE F2081 Havit cooling tray
13,70 €
12 months.
100+ pcs
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Sturdy laptop stand
The laptop cooling stand, made of metal mesh, ensures free air flow and lowers the temperature of equipment. Quiet fans allow you to focus on your work without distracting the noise.

Provides stability
Special reinforcements ensure stable positioning of the laptop.

Efficient and functional
The Havit F2081 gaming stand provides efficient cooling combined with quiet fan operation. Its practicality allows you to fit up to seven laptop sizes in the 12"-17" range.

GAMENOTE F2081 laptop cooling stand for laptops:
- Efficient cooling;
- Red LED backlighting;
-quiet work;
- Stable secure laptop positions during operation;
- Wide range of laptop sizes to fit the stand.



Producent Havit
Model F-2081
Air flow 84.7 CFM
Power 5 V
Noise 21 dBa
Compatibitily with sizes 12"~17
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