Yeelight Remote Control

  • Yeelight Remote Control
  • Yeelight Remote Control
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24 months.
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Practicality and convenience in one

With the Yeelight remote control you can easily and quickly control your lighting. It allows you to adjust the brightness or colour of the light to any situation without having to start the application. Reliable and durable.





Designed for your needs

As well as allowing the light to be switched on and off remotely, it also allows colour and brightness control. Enjoy a warm glow while relaxing and enjoy the cool world while reading a book or working in front of a monitor.  





Simple design

Designed with simplicity and stylish design in mind. Created with high quality materials, the Yeelight remote control is the essence of style and elegance in one. With frequent use in mind, it was made with attention to detail. Thanks to its simple form, it will fit into the interior of any house.





The battery in the Yeelight remote control allows for one year of use, given that you can use it up to 40 times a day! Thanks to the durable and extendable cover, changing the battery is easy and does not cause any problems.






Model YLYK01YL
Product Type Pilot Bluetooth
Dedicated for LED Ceiling Lamp Series
Working time on a battery up to 1 year (using 40 times a day)
Colour White
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