Smart Bulb LED Nite Bird WB4 by Gosund (RGB) E27

  • Smart Bulb LED Nite Bird WB4 by Gosund (RGB) E27
  • Smart Bulb LED Nite Bird WB4 by Gosund (RGB) E27
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Serve wherever you are

Nite Bird WB4 by Gosund is an intelligent LED bulb with E27 thread. Directly through Gosund or Smart Life (Tuya App) (for free download on Android and iOS) we can turn the light on/off, adjust the brightness, color and plan different scenarios. After connecting the product to the local network and adding it to our app, we can control it from any place on earth where we have access to the Internet. 
The bulb gives a light intensity of 800 lumens, the service life is about 20 000 hours. The 16 million colors available and a light temperature of 2700-6500k makes the bulb suitable for any setting.

The device works with the latest systems: Gosund, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa and Goggle Assistant

Easy to use  

The Gosund Smart Life application is available in Polish, in addition to the standard device on/off switch-on/off, it also offers the creation of action plans for individual devices, thanks to which it can automatically switch on/off connected devices at specific times. Nite Bird by Gosund devices work only in 2.4GHz WLAN networks.  
Thanks to the application, you can plan the operation of devices in your home (including lamps) so that they simulate the presence of a resident, which can scare off a potential burglar.  




Model WB4
Plug E27
Color 16 millions colors
Voltage 110 V
Brightness 800 lumens(equivalent of a power bulb 75 W)
Community Wi-Fi (2,4 GHz)
Power 8 W
Lifetime 20 000 hours
Light color 2700 - 6500 K
App  Gosund, Smart Life (Tuya App)
Weight 225 g
Dimensions 14x9,5x7(cm)



Bulb WB4 x1


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