Supfire G6 flashlight, USB, 140 lm

  • Supfire G6 flashlight, USB, 140 lm
  • Supfire G6 flashlight, USB, 140 lm
  • Supfire G6 flashlight, USB, 140 lm
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Supfire G6 Workshop Flashlight

The new generation of Supfire Workshop Flashlights combines 2 powerful LED light sources, a capacious USB rechargeable battery, versatility of use and a shatterproof casing that ensures a long life of the device. Additional advantages of the product are its compact size, the 360° hook and the practical, built-in magnet.




Powerful 1200mAh battery

The 1200mAh five-cell battery with its unique design significantly extends the life of the device. Each module accounts for 20% of its total capacity. The G6's intelligent quick-charging system from any source, such as a laptop, powerbank, mains, solar or car charger, provides the comfort of unlimited versatile power in any condition. The device also has indicator lights so you can quickly and accurately determine its charge level.




The perfect light source

The flashlight offers 2 LED light sources. It is equipped with the main reflector and the second, located in its upper part. The first one provides more floodlight similar to natural light with excellent color rendering, while the second one is perfect for longer distances - use it when you need a long range spotlight source.




A flashlight for every occasion

This product is a successful combination of durability and compact size. It is made of wear-resistant TPR plastic and, thanks to additional reinforcements, it can serve you reliably for an even longer period of time. The special 360° hook allows you to hang the flashlight where you want and with the magnetic elements you can easily attach it to certain surfaces. The device is also waterproof so you can use it in almost any conditions.



Product parameters

Light source Dioda CREE XPE LED (USA) + COB
Brightness 73 lm + 140 lm
Power 3 W
Material TPR
Dimensions 145 x 41 x 27 mm
Power supply 1x Li-Ion 1200 mAh battery with protection
Working time 2.5 hours
Weight 126 g
Waterproof Splash resistance
Purpose Workshop / Camping / Technical lighting
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