UGREEN DisplayPort (male) - HDMI (female) Adapter 4K

  • UGREEN DisplayPort (male)  - HDMI (female) Adapter 4K
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DisplayPort - HDMI Adapter

The converter allows you to connect a computer or laptop with DisplayPort to a projector, TV, or monitor with the HDMI connection. You need a separate HDMI cable to connect. The adapter supports the simultaneous transmission of UltraHD video and audio (also uncompressed formats such as LPCM). The device works as Plug&Play, i.e. it displays the image immediately after connection (no additional drivers are required).

Two image modes

The adapter allows you to display the image in two modes:
1) Mirror Mode -  the connected screen displays the same content as the computer screen
2) Extended Mode - The connected screen is independent and can display completely different content

High-quality workmanship

The adapter is made of high-quality ABS and TPE materials, which ensure the long life of the device. Copper and gold-plated tips ensure efficient and stable transmission without any interference. 



Model MM137
Connector DisplayPort (male) to HDMI (female)
Material ABS + PVC
Length 25 cm
Chip Bridgelux / Genesys
Resolution 1080p 60 Hz, 4K 30 Hz
Color Black
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