Cable USB to USB-C 3.0 UGREEN 1.5m (black)

  • Cable USB to USB-C 3.0 UGREEN 1.5m (black)
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24 months.
38 pcs
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UGREEN USB cable type C 3.0

Made of high quality materials, it has both loading and data transfer functions. It is compatible with most of the devices available on the market with USB Type-C input. 

Fast data transfer and loading

It allows you to transfer files (up to 5Gbps) from your computer to your smartphone and vice versa, and charge your equipment equally fast up to 3 A.



Model US184
Plug USB 3.0 do USB-C 3.0
Material PVC
Lenght 150 cm
Synchronization speed to 5 Gb/s
Charging current 3 A
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