UGREEN 2x Charger USB QC 3.0 36W (Black)

  • UGREEN 2x Charger USB QC 3.0 36W (Black)
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24 months.
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Dual charger with Quick Charge 3.0 technology 

Universal, modern charger, with QC 3.0 technology, which allows you to charge the device extremely quickly, without fear of damage. Additionally, it has two USB inputs, allowing you to charge two devices simultaneously. 

Even faster charging

The UGREEN QC 3.0. the charger uses one of the most advanced technologies in network chargers - Quick Charge 3.0. It enables up to four times faster charging of devices compared to a traditional charger.

Ready for action

Compact design and light weight make the charger ideal for trips and travel.



Model CD161
Connector 2x USB
Material PC + ABS
Support Quick Charge 3.0/2.0
Input 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Output 3,6-6,5V / 3A, 6,5-9B / 2A, 9-12V / 1,5A
Power 36 W
Color Black
Dimensions 68 x 63 x 29 mm
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