Ładowarka SkyRC B6 nano duo

  • Ładowarka SkyRC B6 nano duo
  • Ładowarka SkyRC B6 nano duo
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Product description

SkyRC Smart B6 B6 in duo version

Smart B6 nano duo is a two-channel charger that allows you to charge two batteries with 200 W (100 W per channel) and 15 A. Pleasant artistic design, built-in Blueotooth module allowing full control from the application and modern touch buttons are just a few of the facilities offered by the device.

Four independent slots

The charger has a large LCD screen, which, thanks to its high contrast, provides great readability and all the most important information is visible at a glance. Programming is done with four touch and sensitive buttons, which ensures trouble-free operation. 

Double power

NB6 nano duo allows for simultaneous charging of two batteries. If we use only one channel, the charging power is up to 200 W. When using both channels, the power is divided into 100 W per battery.

High-speed microprocessor

The high speed 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor allows processing data at 20 times the speed. Using leading solutions, the charger has high noise reduction capabilities and a wide voltage range of 2.5 V - 5.5 V.

Intelligent and efficient cooling system

The temperature of the charger is maintained by a 16000 RPM high-speed fan. The air is discharged by the fan into the aluminium finned heatsink, which effectively cools the unit.

Built-in power supply

The charger has a built-in 100-240V power supply, so you can use it anywhere on earth. Use your driving and flying models wherever you are.

Intuitive application for Android and iOS

Thanks to SkyCharger application, which also supports Polish, we can wirelessly update the software of our charger with a mobile device. The application is easy to use and allows you to set all loading parameters. The application is also available in Polish.


Due to the increasing number of battery types and the increasing variety of parameters, the configuration of batteries can be difficult and each requires individually tailored parameters. The revolutionary SCAN TO GO function allows you to scan the QR code, which will contain all information about the charging configuration. We create the code in the SkyCharger application, then print and after sticking to the battery we scan - the process of charging or discharging will start automatically.

Charger B6 nano duo
Charging cable




Power supply  AC 100-240 V
Charging power 200 W (2 x 100 W)
Discharge power 8 W
Charging current 0,1 A - 15 A
Discharge current 0,1 - 3 A
Type of rechargeable batteries LiPo/LiIon/LiFe/LiHV 1-6S; NiMH/NiCd 1-15S; Pb 2-20V
Charged battery capacity Lixx - 100-50000 mAh; Nixx 100-50000 mAh; Pb 100-50000 mAh
Weight 561 g
Dimensions 127 x 115 x 71 mm
Voltage reading range 0,1 - 26,1 V / cela
Balancing current Max. 1000 mA / cela


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