UGREEN waterproof phone case (transparent)

  • UGREEN waterproof phone case (transparent)
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24 months.
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Practical, waterproof phone case

With a protective phone case, you can always have your smartphone with you from now on. Whether you're at the pool or on canoes, your device is safe up to 10m deep. 

Water protection up to 10 m

With UGREEN waterproof case you can dive with your smartphone at a depth of up to 10 m without worrying that water will get inside.

Sensitive to your touch

Closing your smartphone doesn't mean you can't use it. With the special material it is made of, the touchscreen works flawlessly, allowing you to fully enjoy your smartphone.

High-quality photos

PVC film allows you to take clear pictures. The case does not in any way impair their quality.

Disturbance-free phone calls

Using the case, you can also make phone calls without losing quality. Even while swimming in the pool or sea, talk to your loved ones.



Model LP186
Color Transparent
Material PVC
Compatible smartphones 4'' - 6,5''
Waterproof IPX8 - to 10 m
Supports Touch ID No
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