Switch USB KVM USB 2x4 UGREEN USB 2.0 (black)

  • Switch USB KVM USB 2x4 UGREEN USB 2.0 (black)
10,20 €
24 months.
100+ pcs
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 UGREEN High-quality USB switch 

The UGREEN switch is a functional adapter with as many as four USB 2.0 inputs and two USB terminals, allowing you to connect the adapter to two different devices. It allows you to share access to four USB devices between two computers. The ideal solution for people who need to share USB devices between two computers. 

Efficient control and multifunctionality

With the ability to manage files from two computers simultaneously, you can easily and quickly control them between devices. The adapter gives you the possibility to connect all devices and storage media with a USB connector.



Model US216
Interface 4x USB 2.0, 1x micro USB
Material Plastic
Data transfer rate to 480 Mb/s
Color Black
Included accessories 2x USB 2.0 cable
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