2in1 USB cable UGREEN Type-C / Micro USB, QC 3.0, 1m (black)

  • 2in1 USB cable UGREEN Type-C / Micro USB, QC 3.0, 1m (black)
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24 months.
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UGREEN cable with double USB-C and Micro USB connector


The high-quality UGREEN dual USB-C and Micro USB cable will allow you to transfer data quickly and charge your mobile devices equally fast. Made of high-quality materials, it will not let you down in any situation.





Supports fast charging


The cable supports QC 2.0 and QC 3.0 technology for fast, safe, and reliable charging. It allows you to fully charge your Xiaomi Mi8 in just 95 minutes.







Extremely fast data transmission


The cable also enables extremely fast data transmission at 480 Mbps, allowing you to transfer photos, videos, and other documents in a very short time.





You can bend the cable without any fear, even in the most sensitive areas, i.e. right at the end. This gives you full comfort during use. It is made of the highest quality materials, resistant to frequent use, abrasion, and breakage.







Producent UGREEN
Model US177
Product code 30875
Material TPE + Aluminium + Nylon
Length 1 m
Connector USB Type-C + Micro USB
Color Black + Gray
Charging current

Micro USB: 2,4 A

USB-C: 3 A


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