5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L1 (2m)

  • 5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L1 (2m)
  • 5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L1 (2m)
  • 5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L1 (2m)
  • 5050RGB LED light strip to extend SONOFF L1 (2m)
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Smart LED strip extension

Extend your L1 tape to 10m. Intelligent LED tape with IP65 protection allows easy and quick installation anywhere. You can bend and trim it, making your home a new and interesting place.


Control the tape with your voice

The tape works with Alex and Google Assistant so you can control it with your voice. All you need to do is to say the right command to turn the tape on/off or change its color.

Easy to use
With the eWeLink application, belt control is within easy reach. You can set brightness, modes, colors and even temperature. The application allows you to control the tape from any place and conveniently manage your lighting.

Adjust it according to your needs
Sonoff tape is durable, flexible and bending resistant. You can cut and glue it anywhere you want. In order not to damage it, cut it every 10 cm, according to special manufacturer's markings.

Color downloading
After pointing the camera at any object, you can adjust the color of the tape to the environment. This allows you to extend the color palette even further and perfectly match the lighting to your rooms.


Thanks to the fact that the tape is resistant to water, you can use it in the bathroom (e.g. illuminating furniture, mirrors or recesses). You do not have to worry about its damage, thanks to IP65 protection. Decorate your house together with Sonof 

Synchronization with music

With the music synchronization mode, you can adjust the lighting to the music you are listening to. Create a perfect atmosphere with Sonoff and enjoy moments with your loved ones.  




Model 5050RGB-2M
Lenght 2 m
Compatible with the model Sonoff L1 (max. przdłużenie: 10m)
Material FPCB, FR-ABS
Model Led 5050
Light color RGB 
Lighting time >25000 hour
Light ≥300 lumen/m
Working temperature od -20°C do 50°C
Light adjustment

White - brightness control

RGB - brightness and color saturation adjustment 

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