Baseus Privity Ring Bracket Black

  • Baseus Privity Ring Bracket Black
  • Baseus Privity Ring Bracket Black
4,00 €
12 months.
32 pcs
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High-quality ring holder for smartphones


The Baseus Ring Holder is extremely lightweight. It is even thinner and lighter by using special high-quality materials that have undergone many grinding and abrasion processes.






The edges of the holder's ring have been carefully and precisely finished for even greater comfort and a sense of comfort during frequent use.




Perfect for the car


The holder is ideal for use in the car as a magnetic holder attachment. It enables safe and comfortable use of navigation while driving.




Practical in all situations


The Baseus ring is perfect for watching movies on a smartphone, but also for everyday use. It provides a stable and strong grip in any situation.







Producent Baseus
Model Baseus Privity Ring Bracket Black
Product code SUMQ-01
Material Zinc alloy
Color Black


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