Hubsan F22 Standard RTF

  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
  • Hubsan F22 Standard RTF
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Jet speed

Hubsan F22 is a fixed-wing drone with the appearance of a combat jet. Take-off, landing, hovering, diving, climbing or performing stunts like an eagle - with the F22 you will become the perfect pilot. Thanks to the use of powerful brushless engines the maximum horizontal speed of the device is 60 km/h. The body itself is made of high quality polymer foam, which provides lightness and speed, but also high flexibility during high speed collisions. Specially designed nose of the device reduces and evenly distributes the impact force. The device has a 720p camera with which 5.8 GHz FPV goggles can be connected for an unforgettable experience..
FPV function* 


Start button

The plane automatically glides and rises up to 20 meters to rise to this height, waiting for your instructions. A special button is used for automatic launch. When the flight altitude is less than 5 meters or when the plane is on the ground, shortly press the landing button to undo the take-off with one button.


Return home

The plane is able to return to the starting point, waiting for further commands. RTH mode will make your sky adventures easier.

Emergency mode

After losing control of the device, the flight control system automatically takes control of the plane and circulates in position. After the loss of control for more than 3 seconds, the plane automatically moves to a height of 50 meters and returns to the RTH point.

Suspension mode
In suspension mode, the plane is safe to fly in a circle with a radius of 15 meters or 25 meters.


Hubsan F22
Control equipment HT015B



Model F22 Standard Edition
Battery LiPo 7,6 V 480 mAh
Camera 1280 x 720 30 fps 
Maximum signal range Ok. 200 m
Motors Brushless
Maximum flight time Ok. 8 minut
Dimensions 435 mm x 310 mm (length x width)
Weight 100 g
Charging time to 60 minutes
Maximum flight speed to. 60 km/h


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