Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1

  • Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1
  • Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1
  • Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1
  • Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1
  • Car Jump Starter BlitzWolf BW-JS1
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Always prudent


Discover a device that can save you from unfortunate situations, especially during winter days! Introducing the BlitzWolf portable car starter. The device has a capacity of 12 000 mAh and an intensity of 800 A. In addition, it is IP67 certified, which makes sure that the product is resistant to contact with water, but thanks to its versatility you do not have to worry that it will not fit in your car.




Not only for the car


The starter can also be used as a power bank. Thanks to QC 3.0 technology it will charge your device much faster than a standard charger. The product has 2 QC 3.0 inputs by 5V/3A and a C 5V/2A type input and a micro USB 5V/2A.




When the Egyptian darkness comes


The device has a built-in LED flashlight that can be started by pressing and holding the power button for 3-5 seconds. The flashlight also has SOS and stethoscope functions.






The IP67 protection ensures dustproofness and high water resistance, so you don't have to worry that the device will be damaged when used in rainy weather. The starter also works in freezing temperatures as low as -20℃. Bet on reliability even in extreme conditions.




Thoughtful solutions


The device has a number of protections to protect against many negative factors such as overvoltage, too high temperature, short circuit and many others. The starter is easy to use and has starting cables in its set.






Producer Blitzwolf
Name Car Jump Starter
Product code BW-JS1
Capasity 12000 mAh
Color Black
Dimensions 185 x 102 x 46 mm
Input 5V/2A (micro USB) v 5V/2A (USB-C)
Output 1 5V/3A v 9V/2A v 12V/1,5A (Max QC3.0)
Output 2 5V/3A v 9V/2A v 12V/1,5A
Charging time 7 h
Maximum intensity 800 A
Compatibility Vehicles with petrol engines up to 4.5 l and diesel engines up to 3 l


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