UGREEN CM269 VGA to HDMI Converter 30 cm

  • UGREEN CM269 VGA to HDMI Converter 30 cm
18,80 €
24 months.
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VGA to HDMI Adapter 

The device allows for video transmission from a desktop computer, laptop or Stick TV to a TV set or projector. The adapter has a 3.5 MM audio port, which allows you to connect your own set of speakers to enjoy the highest quality sound.

High-quality image

The device supports 1080P 60Hz Full HD for clear and realistic images.

Two in one

The adapter allows the simultaneous transmission of audio and video. A Micro USB cable (1 m) and 3.5 mm (1 m) jack are included. The length of the adapter itself is 0.3 m.



Model CM269
Interface HDMI female to VGA male + mini-jack 3,5 mm demale + micro USB
Resolution 1080p, 60 Hz
Function Sound & image quality
Converter length 30 cm
Power supply micro USB, 5V
Included Micro USB cable 1m, mini-jack 3,5 mm cable 1m
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