UGREEN Cat 8 CLASSⅠS/FTP Ethernet cable RJ45 1m black

  • UGREEN Cat 8 CLASSⅠS/FTP Ethernet cable RJ45 1m black
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24 months.
51 pcs
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UGREEN Ethernet Cable

The UGREEN Ethernet cable provides a fast and stable connection to the Internet. It is characterized by excellent parameters and high-quality of manufacture. Gold plated connector contacts ensure the highest quality and durability of the product. UGREEN cable guarantees fast and trouble-free data transfer between your device and the Internet. 


Reliable when you play online, whether you want to download files quickly. The wireless internet is vulnerable to interference, and with the UGREEN Ethernet cable, you don't have to worry about it. It provides a stable and fast connection to the Internet.



Model NW121
Plug-in RJ45 to RJ45
Material PVC + copper
Length 100 cm
Category 8 (incompatible with 7 categories)
Max. speed 25 Gb/s
Shielding S/FTP
Color Black
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