Water Fountain for pets Petoneer Fresco Ultra

  • Water Fountain for pets Petoneer Fresco Ultra
  • Water Fountain for pets Petoneer Fresco Ultra
  • Water Fountain for pets Petoneer Fresco Ultra
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12 months.
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Intelligent drinker Petoneer Fresco Ultra

The intelligent drinker from Petoneer is a device that will never again worry about the hydration and purity of water for your pets. A three-stage filtration system, UV water sterilization, replaceable pump and water quality sensors ensure complete water safety for your pets. Control the device from the application or by voice, through communication with Alexa, and get reminders for all necessary maintenance.

Risks of consuming unsterilized water

Water that has not been properly sterilized and purified contains a number of different bacteria. The bacteria in the water can cause inflammation of the bladder, coil or outer ear and other conditions.

Three unique filtration phases

The Fresco fountain has a unique three-stage filtration: The first stage is the filtration of larger particles with a special mesh, then the water is directed through an active carbon filter and finally through an ion exchange resin filter. As a result, the fountain allows the animals to be given cleaner water and reduces the risk of disease.

UV water sterilization

The Fresco Ultra version has built-in UV water sterilization. The device effectively breaks down the DNA chain in 99.7% of bacteria in a completely safe way, providing the safest source of water for your darling.

Water quality control

Built-in stainless steel and anti-corrosion silver probes allow precise measurement of the TDS (total dissolved solids) parameter. The lower the TDS value, the lower the total dissolved solids content in the water and consequently better water quality.


Reminders in the application

Over time the filter will work less effectively and the water quality will deteriorate. The Fresco fountain algorithm will send you a reminder on the phone in advance to change the filter, calculating the remaining time based on the usage time and engine time.

Voice control with Alex and Echo

Now you can top up the water with a simple sentence to your Echo or Alex device "ask Petoneer to turn on my fountain".* Life should be simple. Your furry part of the family deserves it too.

Trouble-free cleaning

Wave-shattering design of the container after removal from the case makes cleaning not a problem. When the container is lifted, the power is automatically cut off, which prevents circuit voltage surges due to contact with water.

Quiet design

To reduce vibration noise, the motor uses a silicone mat that reduces noise to a minimum. Sleep in blissful silence with your beloved animals.

Replacement pump

The pump connection has been designed with full IP67 protection class, specifically to facilitate the replacement of parts. Pull the pump out separately, keeping it tight.

In the box

Fountain Fresco Smart Ultra
USB power cable




Model FSW020
Dimensions 208 x 198 x 181 mm
Weight 1220 g
Power DC 5 V / 2 A
Water capacity 2 L
Interface Button
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Range 30 meters


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