Petoneer Nutri Smart Pet Feeder

  • Petoneer Nutri Smart Pet Feeder
  • Petoneer Nutri Smart Pet Feeder
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Petoneer Nutri feeder

Feed your dog or cat to develop healthy eating habits. With a capacity of 3.7 liters, you can give your pet the right portion on time. The device is controlled from the application or the cloud. Notification of a low amount of food will make you never forget to top up the food for your pet. Hidden Power Bank slot allows for long term operation of the device without the need to connect to a permanent power supply.

Intelligent feeding

A special, dedicated application allows you to program the feeding time as well as portions to create healthy eating habits and prevent over-eating or under-feeding. Create a nutrition plan for your client and feed him or her with a single click.

Full control

From now on you have an insight into your pet's feeding history. Get him a balanced diet and receive a notification from the application when your dog or cat eats food. You can, of course, feed your pet, even beyond the usual feeding time, if you think it's appropriate.

Voice control with Alex

Now you can feed your charges with a simple sentence to your Echo or Alex device "ask Petoneer to feed my puppy 1 portion of food on Nutri". Life should be simple. Your furry part of the family deserves it too.

Well thought-out design

Two built-in sets of intelligent sensors inform you about food levels and possible deficiencies. The application and LED indicators indicate the need to add food. The tank is designed so that the rotor is at an ideal distance from the coil to prevent small food particles from getting stuck. The reducer and low speed allows the right energy for feeding is always available. The rotor rotation reversal function works perfectly if the rotor gets blocked.


Single-button feeding

Even without a phone, manual feeding is done with a single click of a button. The button can be disabled in the application to prevent your pet from activating it.

Huge capacity

Once filled, the Nutri Feeder holds enough food not to worry about refilling for days. Taking care of your furry family has never been so easy.

Trouble-free cleaning

Wave-shattering design of the container after removal from the case makes cleaning not a problem.

Place for PowerBank

An invisible slot on the back of the device can accommodate the power bank as a backup battery in case of power failure.

In the box

Petoneer Nutri feeder
USB power cable
USB charger





Model FDW010
Dimensions 230 x 246 x 352 mm
Weight 2 kg
Power DC 5 V / 1 A
Water capacity 3,7 L
Minimal portion About 10 g 
Connectivity Wi-Fi
Range 30 meters
App Petoneer


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