4-layers protective mask with respirator valve, KN95, FFP2, 10 pcs (CE, FDA, EN149:2001+A1:2009)

  • 4-layers protective mask with respirator valve, KN95, FFP2, 10 pcs (CE, FDA, EN149:2001+A1:2009)
  • 4-layers protective mask with respirator valve, KN95, FFP2, 10 pcs (CE, FDA, EN149:2001+A1:2009)
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Protect yourself and others


FFP2-compliant masks reduce the penetration of suspended particles, thus protecting the wearer from harmful substances: dust, smog, or viruses. The masks adhere tightly to the face, providing effective respiratory protection.




Protective mask KN95 with valve (FFP2)


The respiratory mask with KN95 class filter protects against harmful solid and liquid dust, smoke, and aerosol particles at the level of 95%. The mask enables natural breathing due to the use of advanced materials.





4 layers for better protection


The AS9520 mask, due to its four-layer structure, effectively filters out PM2.5 particles, which are considered to be extremely harmful to health. The KN95 standard is recommended by the WHO as a minimum protection standard, providing a filtration rate of 95%.






Comfort of wearing


The material of which the masks are made is delicate, safe, and does not irritate the delicate facial skin. Special construction, taking into account the anatomical structure, allows for a precise, increasing safety fit of the mask to the face. The mask will be a perfect choice for people who wear glasses - both corrective and sunglasses - good fit protects against misting and moisture of the glasses. High-quality, comfortable elastic bands on the ears allow fitting the mask to every face.





Safe and eco-friendly


The masks do not contain any metal parts or staples. Soft and comfortable, they are devoid of any specific artificial smell. The masks have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality. They meet all the necessary standards and have certificates confirming quality.




The most important features of the AS9520 mask


  • effective filtration,
  • high-quality material,
  • Respiratory protection against PM2.5 particulate matter, water vapor, and other pollutants,
  • does not evaporate the corrective glasses and sunglasses,
  • comfortable even when worn for longer,
  • skin-sensitive material, no metal parts,
  • The possibility of adjusting the rubber bands to fit the face,
  • natural breathing.





Brand 352 Air
Product code AS9520
Number of layers 4
Color White
Certificates CE, FDA
Norm EN 149:2001+A1:2009 
Material No woven fabric + melt-blown fabric
Filtration level >95%
Protection level KN95
Storage time 2 years
Could be used  Multiple times
Product class FFP2
Standard GB2626-2006
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