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Universal remote control / BroadLink RM4 Pro control unit

  • Universal remote control / BroadLink RM4 Pro control unit
  • Universal remote control / BroadLink RM4 Pro control unit
  • Universal remote control / BroadLink RM4 Pro control unit
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Universal remote control Broadlink RM4 Pro

Universal Broadlink RM4 Pro remote control allows you to control devices in your home using 433/315 MHz or IR radio waves. Thanks to easy control with the application you can control TV, light, roller shutters, air conditioning or audio devices even outside your home. It is compatible with Alex and Google Voice Assistant. Its compact size allows you to place it anywhere and the stylish, modern and minimalist design will fit into any interior.


Easy control

In addition to switching devices on and off remotely, with the remote control you can also set a timer adapted to your lifestyle to ensure your comfort at the highest level. In addition, the device has the ability to create so-called "scenes" to run multiple devices simultaneously with a single click.

Control it outside the house
If you are not at home, you can turn your devices on and off using the application, according to your needs. Thanks to the application you can also check if the selected device is on or off. Everything is done in real time.

Immediate reaction
Moreover, there is a possibility to buy an additional humidity and temperature sensor, the use of which allows you to measure the temperature and humidity in your home, to read the data provided, and even to program the response to too high temperature or too low humidity.  
Worthy heir
Broadlink RM 4 Pro is an improved and enhanced successor to the extremely popular RM3 Pro. In addition to improving and adding basic functions, the RM4 Pro also has a newer design that fits the latest trends much better. In addition, the RM4 Pro has the ability to connect a temperature and humidity sensor to give you even more possibilities.
Power and stability
Thanks to the use of RF 433/315 MHz radio frequency remote control, the device will work even on larger areas and the IR beam operates within a range of 8 to even 15 meters.

Control: With Wi-Fi
Radio transmitter: 433MHz (Europe)
Infrared transmitter: 360°
Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Systems: Android i iOS
Control: Smartfon / tablet
Schedule: Custom profiles programmed
Possibility to create your own scenes
Input Voltage: 5V
Compatible with Google Home


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