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GamePad / Controller ipega PG-9068 Tomahawk Android/Windows/TV

  • GamePad / Controller ipega PG-9068 Tomahawk Android/Windows/TV
  • GamePad / Controller ipega PG-9068 Tomahawk Android/Windows/TV
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Universal Bluetooth game controller

The controller allows for Bluetooth connectivity at distances of up to 8 m and the data transmission itself is fast and efficient. The telescopic handle allows to mount a device up to 6" size. Ideal for people who are listening to music while playing. The controller allows you to freely switch songs or adjust the volume of sound during the game.


Convenient and efficient control during the game

The shape of the gamepad, the layout of the buttons and their functionality have a positive influence on the feeling of the game. Improve your results and take your games to a new level. The gamepad reacts immediately to the buttons used. Effectively designed buttons not only affect the appearance of the controller but also improve the quality of the game. Precise joystick enables control in 360 degrees.



Bluetooth connectivity


You can use it with your smartphone after pairing via Bluetooth. No additional drivers are required. It can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge and lasts 30 days in standby mode. Full charging of the controller takes about 1-2 hours. Gamepad is equipped with a 350 mAh battery.



Play when you want


PG-9068 works with a wide range of Bluetooth enabled products, from Android/iOS smartphones to smart TV, Windows and Mac. The small size makes the gamepad easy to store and transport.



Model PG-9068
Working platforms Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, TV Box, Smart TV
Connection types Bluetooth 
Colour Black
Battery capacity 380 mAh
Dimensions 162,6 x 105 x 65,5 mm





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