BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod (black)

  • BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod (black)
  • BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod (black)
  • BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod (black)
  • BlitzWolf BW-BS10 Selfie Stick Tripod (black)
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Selfie stick, tripod for sports cameras and smartphones

Portable, demountable selfie stick with a tripod. Perfect for both sports cameras and smartphones. Capture your passion for extreme sports. A 1/4" screw, retractable tripod, hidden phone holder, and detachable remote control make the BW-BS10 Sport a versatile tool for professional recording.

Wide compatibility

Compatible with all compact devices with 1/4" thread. Capture your memories comfortably and steadily. Maximum load lifting capacity is 400g (average phone weight is about 100g, camera weight is about 300g).

Quick set-up without folding
It seamlessly maintains telephones, sports cameras, and digital cameras.

Bluetooth remote control

Control conveniently with the detachable Bluetooth remote control. The remote control has a high battery capacity (50 mAh, which gives more than 20 000 self on one charge). When mounted on a camera or camcorder, the BS10 Sport will only function as a tripod as Bluetooth control is not possible.

Excellent design and high-quality materials
The robust tripod, silicone feet, aluminum alloy shank with double anti-rotation protection - all this makes the tripod wear-resistant and durable.

Stable shots
The special anti-sway design prevents cameras or phones from swinging.

The small size of the tripod makes it easy to store. It fits perfectly even into a small bag, weighing only 185g.



Producent Blitzwolf
Model BW-BS10
Length max. 72 cm
Smartphone holder range 55 - 88 mm
Weight 171 g
Battery capacity 50 mAh
Battery lifetime 20000 shots
Remote control range 10 m
Compatibility Mobile devices with Android 5.0+, iOS 7.0+ systems
Included accessories Charging cable


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