Viomi V-SK152B, Smart kettle,1,5L, 1800W (black)

  • Viomi V-SK152B, Smart kettle,1,5L, 1800W (black)
  • Viomi V-SK152B, Smart kettle,1,5L, 1800W (black)
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Smart electric kettle

The intelligent electric kettle, thanks to the built-in HD OLED display, allows you to control the water temperature in real time. It keeps the temperature up to 12 hours. Thanks to its high power, it heats the water in a flash. Its large capacity allows you to boil up to 1.5 l of water.

Intelligent functions

Using your smartphone or the panel on the kettle, set the temperature of the water you want the device to maintain, the mode and the time for which the water is to be kept at the same temperature. There are 4 modes of water heating: "milk powder", "baby cereal", "tea" and "coffee". In the application you can set the heating temperature from 40 to 90℃.


High quality heater

The ring shaped kettle heater has a power of 1800W and is able to evenly heat water at a rapid rate.

Safe use

The kettle has protection against starting it without water, against overvoltage and overload. Additionally, the device is covered with a casing that insulates the steel interior and makes it possible to touch the kettle with your hand without fear of getting burned. At the bottom of the stand there are 3 non-slip rubber bands that provide the kettle with a secure base. All this makes the use of the kettle fully safe.


Healthy life

The device is made of stainless steel 304, thanks to which it is extremely durable and boiling water does not produce harmful substances. The water does not come into contact with any plastic element.

W zestawie

Smart Kettle
Base with power supply




Model V-SKT152B
Capacity 1,5 l
Power 1800 W
Connection Bluetooth 4.0
Mi Home
1,3 kg
Dimensions 21,6 x 14,5 x 23,5 cm
Water temperature range 40°C - 100°C

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