UGREEN Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver 3,5 mm AUX, aptX (black)

  • UGREEN Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver 3,5 mm AUX, aptX (black)
40,20 €
24 months.
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Audio transmitter


Stream audio from a device that doesn't have Bluetooth built into up to two devices at once. Just connect the AUX cable to the player (e.g. TV), then pair the headphones with the transmitter and you're done. Enjoy wireless music without having to replace the player.




No more delays


Low, almost imperceptible latency <40ms is provided by the Qualcomm apteX Low Latency codec, ensuring perfect synchronization with the player.




No power supply required


With the built-in battery, the device can operate for up to 15 hours without connecting to a charger. And it takes 3 hours to fully charge it. Get comfort and freedom with the new Ugreen Transmitter.





Producent UGREEN
Model CM144
Product code 70158
Bluetooth version 5.0
Working time with RX mode 12 h
Working time with TX mode 15 h
Charging time  3 h
Color Black
Transmission range 10 m
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