HDMI - DVI UGREEN HD106 Cable 5m (Black)

  • HDMI - DVI UGREEN HD106 Cable 5m (Black)
10,50 €
24 months.
29 pcs
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HDMI - DVI cable

The cable supports data transfer between the DVI and HDMI ports in both directions. Connect one plug to your computer and the other to a monitor or projector and enjoy large high-definition images. You can also connect popular PlayStation consoles to your TV with the cable.

High-quality workmanship

Gold-plated connectors guarantee the strength and stability of the connection, while the high-quality tin-plated copper cable allows for excellent transmission speeds.



Model HD106
Length 5 m 
Connector DVI-D (24+1) compatible with DVI-I (24+5) to HDMI
Resolution 1080P / 30 Hz
Material PVC / Tin-plated copper cable
Color Black
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