UGREEN LP200 Gravity Car Mount for Phone (black)

  • UGREEN LP200 Gravity Car Mount for Phone (black)
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Handle with suction cup UGREEN LP200 - stability and comfort

The practical car holder with a suction cup for the UGREEN LP200 will let you free your hands and increase your driving safety. The length and angle of the arm can be easily adjusted to your needs and the 360° head makes it easy to position the smartphone horizontally or vertically. The high quality materials used in the product ensure its durability and safety for your devices.




Tailor it to your needs

The accessory is compatible with 4.7-7″ phones. The holder has an adjustable arm, which position you can easily adjust to your needs. Its length can range from 111 mm to 168 mm. The angle of inclination can be set between 0-240°. Adjust all these parameters to your preferences and enjoy increased comfort and safety.




Comfortable and safe

The cradle is equipped with 3 arms that automatically adjust to the size of the phone and hold it securely in place, thus preventing it from falling out. At the same time they ensure exceptional ease of use of the accessory - you can easily place your smartphone in it even with one hand.




Excellent quality

The handle panel is made of a pleasant to the touch, leather-like material. This allows you to protect your phone from damage, such as scratches, while increasing your comfort. Say goodbye to low quality, made entirely of plastic accessories - UGREEN LP200 offers you optimal solutions.




Securely fastened

The strong suction cup provides a secure, stable attachment. When you attach it to the dashboard or other surface, it will not bother you with falling off. You can even wash it under running water - after drying it will still work perfectly. What's more, it allows you to use the holder freely, not only in your car. Place it on your desk, for example, to make your work easier.




Name Gravity Phone Holder with Suction Cup
Model LP200
Material ABS
Color Black
Type of holding Gravitational
Arm length 111-168mm
Rotation 360°


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