HDMI to VGA Adapter UGREEN MM103, 25cm (black)

  • HDMI to VGA Adapter UGREEN MM103, 25cm (black)
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24 months.
12 pcs
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The adapter supports 1080p HD quality. Connect your laptop to an external monitor for a large area of view. Connect the console to your TV and experience the excitement of the game. Connect your laptop to a projector to better show off your work. With an additional audio port, you can enjoy both video and audio when you connect an external device.



Wide compatibility


Connect your computer or console to an external screen, TV, or projector. Show your screen image over a larger area with mirror mode or expand your workspace with extended mode. The adapter supports a wide range of resolutions.



High-quality workmanship


The compact size makes the adapter easy to store and transport. The ABS housing not only improves the performance of the adapter, but also the aesthetics of the product.





Producent UGREEN
Model MM103
Product code 40248
Color Black
Supported resolution 1920x1080@60Hz
Material ABS
Cable length 16 cm
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