USB 2.0 extension cable UGREEN US103, 3m (black)

  • USB 2.0 extension cable UGREEN US103, 3m (black)
3,40 €
24 months.
2 pcs
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High-quality, aesthetics, and durability


Because of the well-thought-out design and well-chosen materials, the USB cable is perfect for many situations, e.g. as an extension of a USB socket. You can use it to conveniently connect such devices as calipers, mice, pads, printers, cameras, or portable memory.



Compatibility with a wide range of products allows for flexibility and freedom of use. Use your devices comfortably and protect the USB ports on your computer from overuse. High-quality materials ensure fast data transfer.




Producent UGREEN
Model US103
Product code 10317
Data transfer 480Mbps
Interface Mini USB - USB 2.0
Cable length 3 m
Color Black


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