Petoneer AirMaster Smart Air Purifier ionisation, UV-C

  • Petoneer AirMaster Smart Air Purifier ionisation, UV-C
  • Petoneer AirMaster Smart Air Purifier ionisation, UV-C
  • Petoneer AirMaster Smart Air Purifier ionisation, UV-C
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Petoneer AirMaster

Experience a redefined air purification system for you and your pet. With purification consisting of 5 stages - UV-C light sterilization, activated carbon filter, photocatalysis, ionization, and ozonation - you will experience air of the highest quality. The AirMaster purifier from Petoneer provides the highest level of cleaning combined with ease of use, portable size, stylish design and control from an app.




Technology that goes beyond traditional purification

The roots of photocatalytic oxidation date back to NASA space programs. With this solution, astronauts were able to purify air and water on challenging space missions. However, the technology has also found applications on earth. With NASA-inspired photocatalytic oxidation, the Petoneer AirMaster goes beyond traditional purification systems by not only eliminating foul odor and dust, but actually reducing harmful air pollutants. By using this state-of-the-art device, you will properly care for your and your pet's health.




Effective catalysis and decomposition

The photocatalyst filter actively catalyzes using ultraviolet light to effectively break down bacteria, viruses, odors, volatile organic compounds, PM2.5 and other gaseous pollutants. The unit converts these harmful substances into harmless water and carbon dioxide. The purifier provides sterilization and deodorization with efficiency levels up to 99%.




Intuitive operation

The unit's LED glass touchscreen is fabulously easy to operate and responds instantly to every touch. Thanks to the fact that it has no buttons, it is very easy to clean. However, this is not the end of the possibilities to control the purifier. The Petoneer app allows you to monitor and control its operation anywhere and anytime. When leaving the house, you can use it to activate the Away mode, so that you can enjoy fresh air when you return home.




Your ally in the fight against bacteria, allergens and viruses

Thanks to ozone decomposition technology the device is able to reach every corner of the room, even the most inaccessible ones, and inhibit the growth of bacteria, providing you with fresh and clean air. The generator is able to produce up to 3 million negative ions per m3. They float in the air, and upon encountering a harmful substance, they surround it and lead to its neutralization. In this way, bacteria, allergens and viruses are inactivated, so you can enjoy clean air like in the forest or by the sea.




Double filter for better purification

The device is distinguished by a double filter, which is responsible for even greater efficiency of purification. The photocatalyser filter eliminates unpleasant odours, inhibits the growth of bacteria, and breaks down volatile organic compounds. The carbon filter, on the other hand, absorbs unpleasant odors, effectively removing them from the air. Moreover, the associated HEPA filter cleans the air from dust, hair and tiny particles. You don't have to worry about a thing!




UV-C and elimination of secondary pollution

After being absorbed by the composite activated carbon filter, hair or dust mites should be cleaned out quickly enough. If this does not happen, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the Petoneer AirMaster is equipped with a UV-C panel that illuminates the surface of the filter and, by releasing UV radiation with wavelengths of 275 nm, continuously suppresses the growth of bacteria and kills them, effectively preventing secondary contamination.




Sleep through the night

Are you afraid that the operation of the purifier will be too noisy? Don't be! In night mode, the device operates very quietly, producing a noise level of only 30dB. So, as you can see, the Petoneer AirMaster's great capabilities do not have to be combined with the generation of annoying noise. You and your pet can sleep peacefully - nothing will disturb your rest.




Safety and simplicity

Thanks to its compact size, you can easily place the purifier anywhere in your home. Every corner of the device is rounded, so you don't have to worry about hurting yourself with sharp edges. The non-slip mat on the bottom effectively increases its stability. The special drawer design makes filter replacement quick and easy. The 360° air inlet and outlet ensures even and effective cleaning of the entire room. All this makes the Petoneer AirMaster even more functional, practical and safe to use.




Compatible with TUYA

The Petoneer AirMaster air purifier runs on the TUYA platform. This means that it is compatible with other products that use TuyaSmart. To provide you with the best user experience, the Petoneer app is built on the Tuya protocol. This makes it extremely intuitive, easy to use and yet functional, providing you with a range of additional capabilities.



In the box

AirMaster Smart Air Purifier
USB power cable




Model AOE020
Dimensions 180x180x240 mm
Weight 1450 g
Power supply DC 12V/2A
Comunnication Wi-Fi
Power consumption ≤16 W
Coverage Ok. 10 m²
Range up to 30 m
Material ABS


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