UGREEN Switch Adapter 4in1 USB 2.0 (black)

  • UGREEN Switch Adapter 4in1 USB 2.0 (black)
  • UGREEN Switch Adapter 4in1 USB 2.0 (black)
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Switch Ugreen
Connect the printer to up to 4 computers and conveniently switch between them. The Ugreen switch has a power button, LEDs at each port and is extremely easy to use.

Convenience above all
Connect up to 4 devices to the switch and switch between them at any time using the button at the top. There is an LED next to each cable that leads to a particular computer, so you can see which device is connected to the printer at any given time.

Fast transfer

USB 2.0 provides a fast data transfer time of up to 45 MB/sec, so two seconds are enough to print a document.

Wide compatibility
The switch is compatible with printers, memory cards, mice, keyboards, scanners, or plotters, while its input allows you to connect it to your laptop or desktop computer.

Producent UGREEN
Product code 30346
Input interface 4 x USB
Output interface 1 x USB
Data transfer speed 480Mbps
Plug&play function Yes
Supported systems Windows XP/7/8/10/Vista, macOS 8.6 and above
Dimensions 97 x 55 x 19,3 mm
Color Black
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