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  • DJI Care Refresh+ Ronin-S - code
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Continuous use for longer


The DJI Care Refresh+ service is a twelve-month extension of the basic insurance offered by DJI for its products. During this service, you can replace damaged equipment for a small fee. Before buying DJI Care Refresh+, make sure you have DJI Care Refresh for your device.




Damage coverage


The insurance covers damage caused by operator error, contact with water, fall, or signal interference during use.




When an accident occurs


1. The User shall report the defect and send the product to DJI with a note that he has DJI Care Refresh+.

2. The User receives a repair quote and on this basis decides whether he wants to make a repair/replacement for a fee or by DJI Care Refresh+.

3. After selecting DJI Care Refresh+, the user pays a fee.

4. The replaced or repaired product is delivered to you as a priority. Transportation costs are covered by DJI.






1. Before buying DJI Care Refresh+, make sure that DJI Care Refresh for your device is still active and there is at least one replacement.

2. Once you have purchased and assigned DJI Care Refresh+ to your device, a service agreement will be sent to you by e-mail. DJI Care Refresh+ will be linked to your device and will be valid within 24 hours. 

3. The exchanges service provided by DJI Care Refresh+ is valid for one year and will not start until DJI Care Refresh expires. The warranty period for the product shall be extended immediately upon receipt of the DJI Care Refresh+ service agreement.

4. DJI Care Refresh+ and the corresponding product must be purchased in the same country or region since the benefits provided by DJI Care Refresh+ only apply in the region where it was purchased.

5. When you hand over your equipment to DJI Care Refresh+. The replacement unit will be new or equivalent to the new one in terms of appearance and performance.






DJI Care Refresh+ does not include:


1. Lost or partly lost product.

2. Theft or abandonment of the product.

3. Damage caused by using the product in inappropriate weather conditions.

4. Transmitter, accessories.

5. Intentional loss of product.

6. Damage to the housing that does not affect the performance of the product.

7. Direct or indirect damage caused by force majeure.

8. Defects that occur outside the validity period of DJI Care Refresh+.

9. Additional fees associated with improving the model, improving its performance.

10. Defects resulting from modifications that do not comply with the instructions in the user manual or from the use of incompatible batteries and chargers.

11. Defects resulting from the use of unauthorized accessories, batteries, or software.




The most important features of DJI Care Refresh+



  • extending the Care Refresh service for another 12 months,
  • to replace or repair the product for a small fee,
  • includes accidents caused by the operator,
  • quick service.



Product  Exchange price (gross) for DJI Care Refresh+ services
DJI Care Refresh + Mavic Air 2 EU 279PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Mavic Mini EU 149PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Mavic 2 EU 559PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Phantom 4 Pro 599PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Mavic Air EU 279PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Osmo Action EU 139PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Osmo Mobile 3 EU 49PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Osmo Pocket EU 139PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Ronin-S EU 179PLN
DJI Care Refresh + Ronin-SC EU 139PLN
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