Ecoflow 110W photovoltaic panel for power station

  • Ecoflow 110W photovoltaic  panel for power station
  • Ecoflow 110W photovoltaic  panel for power station
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EcoFlow 110W photovoltaic panels

Enjoy energetic independence with EcoFlow mobile photovoltaic panels. Compatible with the Delta and River series of power stations, they are the perfect complement to their versatile application. Generate clean, renewable energy without any additional costs. Their small size and high efficiency make the panels suitable for all field conditions, but also in the home garden.

Complex structure for even greater efficiency

The multilayer construction of EcoFlow panels ensures efficiency and safety. The top layer is resistant to water and dust. It is 92% transparent, which allows for more efficient use of solar energy. The transparent EVA layer gives the panels flexibility and improves overall safety. The monocrystalline structure of the panels guarantees an efficiency of 19%-20%. Reinforced fiberglass and the last, waterproof coating provide additional protection against damage and moisture.


Technology for performance

In order to increase the operating capacity of the panels, a new photovoltaic cell division technology has been adapted, which generates up to 20% more energy at the same size. You can simultaneously use the EcoFlow station as a power source and charge it with panels that will continuously provide new energy.


Get even more energy

Connect the panels to charge EcoFlow stations faster and more efficiently. The panels are equipped with a universal MC4 port, so you can combine them into a series. For faster loading of the Delta 1300 mobile station three 110W panels are enough. To charge the River 370 station two will be enough.

Convenience of transport and use

You will transport the panels safely in dedicated bags, which can also serve as a folding support. You can easily position the panels from 0° to 180° depending on how you want to set them to the Sun.


Thoughtful facilitations

Thanks to the 5 meters long cable, you can place the panels in full sunlight and the mobile power station in a place convenient for you. With the help of suction cups you can mount the panels on smooth surfaces such as windows or car roof.



Weight 4 kg
Dimensions Unfolded: 158 x 51,4 x 2,0 cm, Complex: 59 x 51,4 x 2,0 cm
Power 110 W (+/- 5 W)
Idle Voltage 21,7 V (Vmp 18,5 V)
Short-circuit current 6,3 A (Imp 6,0 A)


Cell Monocrystalline

Port MC4 to USB-C: max. 24 V, do max. 6 A

Port MC4 to XT60: max. 80 V, do max. 10 A

Combination options Yes, for Delta 1300 to three panels, for River 370 to two panels
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