UGREEN US332 USB-C Cable QC 3.0, 3A, 1m (black)

  • UGREEN US332 USB-C Cable QC 3.0, 3A, 1m (black)
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24 months.
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Ugreen USB cable provides an excellent data transfer rate up to 480Mbps.

Resistor 56KΩ

Made of high quality materials, it allows for safe loading and constant data transmission.

Rapid 3A charging

Compatible with Quick Charge, AFC (Samsung), FCP (Huawei) protocols.

Durable construction

Cable life up to more than 10000 bends, and the flat design prevents tangles.

More flexible, flat design

The flat cable not only looks stylish, but also provides stable data transmission and is resistant to damage. With the Ugreen cable, downloading files to your laptop has never been more enjoyable.


Manufacturer UGREEN
Model US332
Product code 10972
Input USB-C - USB
Resistor 56KΩ
Length 1 m
Data transmission 480 Mbps
Current 5V / 3A
Tech specs:

component_projector_warranty_noGwarancja 24h

Gwarancja 24h

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