UGREEN LP252 Organizer with a hook (4pcs)

  • UGREEN LP252 Organizer with a hook (4pcs)
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Organizer with Ugreen hook

Ugreen's modern organizers are designed to maximize the comfort of driving. They are designed to store the most necessary things that occupy your hands or are scattered throughout your car. They are also ideal for your home or office.

Keep order

It is important to have everything under control, especially while driving. Such hooks are the perfect solution to quickly organize tidiness around you. Thanks to them you can e.g. hang your bag so that it does not take up more space. Hang your keys or headphones/cables so that you don't waste time looking for them later.

Durable and crack resistant

Robust 3M adhesive, characterized by high strength and impact resistance. It will ensure long-term use of even heavier objects, as it can withstand up to 400g.

Use anywhere

Practical but small organizer will really serve you anywhere you want. There are many possibilities of sticking it on your desk, car, kitchen or bedroom.

Strong 3M glue

No traces of gluing and wear. Adapted adhesive provides excellent adhesion of the product, without worrying about damaging things.

Extremely small size

Its compact size allows us to store it anywhere - it will fit into any pocket. Its minimalist design will fit perfectly into any car interior and more.

Many applications

Wide range of applications allows to mount hangers on any material. Strong adhesive ensures strong adhesion even on wet surfaces.

Easy to install

Note: Leave the hook unused for 24 hours.

  1. Clean the surface on which you are going to stick the hook.
  2. Peel the protective paper layer off the adhesive.
  3. Stick and press the hook to the surface for a few seconds.


Manufacturer UGREEN
Model LP252
Product code 80199
Material PC + ABS + 3M glue
Color Silver
Maximum load capacity 400g
Usage For cars / houses / offices
Quantity per package 4 pcs
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