Baseus 0.3mm Tempered glass for iPhone XR/11 6,1'' (2pcs)

  • Baseus 0.3mm Tempered glass for iPhone XR/11 6,1'' (2pcs)
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Display and eye protection

Toughened glass inhibits harmful blue light without distorting the real shades on the phone screen. Highest quality and transparency. High level of resistance to falls and fingerprint reflections through AF Nano Technology. Provides full protection of the entire screen.

It is TUV certified and blocks 90% of the blue light

TUV Rheinland's eye protection technology absorbs harmful light in both directions, filtering blue light and reflecting screen reflections.

99% Transparency showing real screen colors

You will not feel any difference in the quality of the displayed image. The filter applied results in better eye protection, which is scientifically proven. The light from the screen does not dazzle when using the phone in the open air and is anti-glare inside the building.

Safe for children

Use the phone without tiring your eyes or making you feel unwell thanks to the blue light protection provided by tempered glass.

Cover the entire screen without any flaw

Adjust the size of the glass to your device so that it covers the entire screen and leaves no air bubbles underneath. Then there is a 100% chance of zero damage during a fall because the glass is reinforced for resistance. The glass is resistant to any dirt and fingerprints, cracks and scratches.

Fits any type of case

Toughened glass is perfectly fitted so that it does not interfere with the wearing of any type of case. If it is worn in accordance with the instructions, it will protect our phone from damage in 100%.


Manufacturer Baseus
Model 0.3mm Full-screen Curved Eye Protective Tempered Glass Film For iP XR/11 6.1inch(2pcs/pack+Pasting Artifact)
Product code SGAPIPH61S-IA01
Material Tempered glass
Thickness 0,3 mm
Compatibility iPhone XR/11 Pro 6,1''
Included 2x toughened glass, wet and dry cloth, glass insertion mould, stickers for dust removal

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