Bebird A2 Otoscope with camera (black)

  • Bebird A2 Otoscope with camera (black)
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Bebird A2

The intelligent ear stick is a revolutionary cleaning equipment with an attached camera. Thanks to the WiFi connection you can see a direct preview on your smartphone screen. Maintain a high level of hygiene or check the level of infection with a practical and above all safe device. It is also suitable for other dirty places. The most important role is played by the tip, which is made of special medical material. High quality workmanship with the intention to provide the best possible experience. A great solution to make the whole family's time more enjoyable.

Safe Innovation

Controversial information about the preferred ear cleaning method so far is unfortunately a fact. It is very dangerous to use cotton sticks or to interfere in any way with the interior of your hearing system. Instead of improving your condition, there is a great risk of serious damage to sensitive parts. Fortunately, there is our brand new Bebird otoscope. The perfect device, at first it seems complicated, but just keep calm while using. An adapted flexible spoon does all the work for us. In addition, the built-in disinfectant lamp itself catches and destroys harmful bacteria.

Detailed precision

Otoscope is a traditional medical device in laryngology. It is used to view the eardrum and external auditory canal to diagnose pathological conditions. Our Bebird B2 Pro was created with an incredible commitment to give you the best possible experience. Thanks to its well thought-out design it is impossible for you to hurt yourself. With a great emphasis on details, the whole structure was designed, such as a flexible spoon that gives up with every movement.

Superb image quality

Modern HD camera technology has a resolution of 5 Megapixels with five LEDs and one UV. The LED lights up simultaneously with the moment the device is switched on. The UV lamp used for disinfection is activated when the otoscope is switched off. The cold shade of incident light allows a better, real view from the camera. Built-in autofocus system reaches up to 35 mm in length. Progressive fog and dust protection technology is also used to enable a detailed view.

Impressive details

In order to protect your whole family, the temperature of the entire otoscope is similar to that of our body. It is also possible to set it according to your needs. The otoscope itself can reach up to 25 degrees, while the temperature of the handle reaches up to 32 degrees Celsius, which means that it does not cause unpleasant sensations when the device is in such sensitive places. Another interesting aspect is the built-in chip, which ensures constant and super fast video transmission. Bebird A2 has been equipped with a 4-axis intelligent gyroscope, allowing for smooth image and real-time viewing. In addition, you can improve your ear hygiene with a special wax to remove dirt.

Unique design

Our product is designed to reach as deep as possible without causing any damage. The tips are made of soft, biodegradable plastic, which can be biologically degraded if worn out. They are suitable for any type of ear, without the possibility of harming yourself. The small diameter of the lens is 3.5 mm. This means that it is much thinner than in traditional otoscopes. It is made of aluminum alloy and is available in stylish, classic black and silver shades. Four types of endings will allow you to fit the right shape to your ear. Just turn the handle slightly to pull it out and replace it. All items included in the set are reusable and easy to disinfect. An additional advantage is the size, thanks to which you can transport the Bebird Otoscope with you to any place without any complications. It will certainly not take much space in a beautician or travel bag.

Easy to use

Thanks to the built-in WiFi chip, you won't have to connect to any other internet. The device allows a range of more than 10 meters and incredibly fast and smooth transmission from the camera. There is also an application dedicated to the whole hardware, supporting Android and iOS systems. Intelligent ear stick is powered by a 350 mAh battery. Charging time is only 1h, and if you want to use it regularly, the device should last as long as 60 days. Let your hygiene jump to a higher level. Your children can also use this practical device, but preferably under the supervision of an adult. In addition, the applicator is used to examine your teeth, nostrils and is animal-friendly!

Contents of the kit

The whole set is equipped in such a way as to make your use as convenient as possible. Each of the replacement parts is reusable, easy to clean and disinfect. Thanks to the consumer-friendly design, you will certainly be able to remove contaminants with ease. Now, if something is going to ail you, you don't have to worry and risk your health to try and remedy it yourself. This device is so necessary and practical that it should be in every house. Especially if you suffer from a hearing loss.


Manufacturer Bebird
Name Smart Otoscope Ear Stick
Product code A2 Black
Color Black
Resolution 500 W
Optimal focal length 15-20 mm
Input current DC 5V 350mAh
Weight of product 28 g
Connection WiFi
Lens diameter 4.5 mm
Battery capacity 350 mAh
Charging time About 1.5 h
Permissible ambient temperature -10 ~ 50ºC
Image transmission speed 30 FPS
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