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Bebird C3 Otoscope with camera (white)

  • Bebird C3 Otoscope with camera (white)
  • Bebird C3 Otoscope with camera (white)
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Otoscope Bebird C3

Wireless, intelligent laryngological tool with the possibility of viewing on screen. It will allow you to thoroughly and extremely safely clean the center of your ear, helping you see where the dirt is. It is also suitable for other places that are susceptible to dirt or infections. Try to relax during gentle, quiet use. High level of safety is provided by a tip made of special medical material. At the same time, thanks to the adjustment system, it will fit easily to any ear shape. It was designed to adapt to the sensitive parts of our face. High quality workmanship with the intention to provide the best possible experience. Moreover, you can easily wash the otoscope under running water.

Careful design

The Bebird C3 is designed to allow a comfortable and healthy penetration into the tiny ear canal. The small diameter of the lens is 3.5 mm and is much thinner than in ordinary otoscopes. Modern technology has allowed to improve the product by using a waterproof IP67 system and protection against overheating and frostbite. This makes it easy to keep it clean, especially after contact with internal contamination. The 4.5 mm deep ear rod is flexible, made with silica gel. Adapted, soft medical and biodegradable material effectively protects the ear canal. The tip is secured with a buckle so that it does not loosen and fall into the ear. The special non-slip material of the handle does not threaten to slip out of the hand.

Modernity and functionality

Are you aware that your previous preferred ear cleaning methods are dangerous for your entire hearing system? Using cotton ear sticks or just washing your fingers in the shower is really not a good idea. During such activities you have no chance of pulling the dirt out completely, as inserting the stick deeply will only shift the dirt deeper. Unfortunately, there is also a risk of severe damage to the ear system. Fortunately, the Bebird Otoscope enables reliable, gentle operation.

Comfort during use

Unconventional equipment has a temperature similar to that of our body. The otoscope itself reaches up to 25 degrees, while the temperature of the handle reaches up to 32 degrees Celsius, which means that it does not cause unpleasant sensations when the device is in such sensitive places. Your children can also use this practical device, but preferably under adult supervision. In addition, the applicator is used to test your teeth, nostrils and is animal-friendly! The kit includes as many as four transparent tips for cleaning deeply located wax.

High quality image

Revolutionary HD camera technology has a resolution of 3 Megapixels with 6 LEDs and autofocus function. The image without a pass is equal to 1080P screen resolution. It provides incredibly fast transmission and accurate view, taking into account all the details in real time. The device uses progressive fog and dust protection technology, allowing you to see the detailed view. Looking at the high standard of the camera, it can still be used as a portable digital microscope.

Interesting design

Among the four beautiful colors are three delicate pastel shades of pink, blue and white. You can choose from a standard black version. Otoscope Bebird C3 delights with its appearance, because it is designed extremely modern and ingenious. Its big advantage is also the size, thanks to it the device can accompany you on vacation or business trip. Just pack it into a beautician or travel bag. The weight does not exceed 16g and the lens diameter measures 4.5mm. In addition, it is extremely slim and handy.

Intuitive to use

With the appropriate application Bebird, you can wirelessly connect the device via WiFi with your smartphone or tablet. The right application supports Android and IOS programs. Fully rechargeable battery without any problem is enough for about 30 days of regular, daily use. The set includes a decent USB charging cable.


Manufacturer Bebird
Name Smart visual ear cleaner
Product code C3 White
Color White
Weight 16g
Connection Wireless, WiFi
Number of pixels 300
Lens tube diameter 4.5 mm
Lens diameter 3.5 mm
Optimal focal length 15 - 20 mm
Battery capacity 250mAh
Input current DC 5V 250mAh
Charging time approx. 1h
Permissible ambient temperature 10-50℃
Image transmission speed 30 FPS
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