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Cordless vertical vacuum cleaner Roidmi S1E (Moon Grey)

  • Cordless vertical vacuum cleaner Roidmi S1E (Moon Grey)
  • Cordless vertical vacuum cleaner Roidmi S1E (Moon Grey)
  • Cordless vertical vacuum cleaner Roidmi S1E (Moon Grey)
  • Cordless vertical vacuum cleaner Roidmi S1E (Moon Grey)
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A simple hoover - great possibilities

The Roidmi S1E cordless hoover weighs only 1.3 kg and has a durable battery for up to 40 minutes. If you're looking for an easy-to-use, efficient yet stylish device, the Roidmi S1E will be the first choice.




Vacuum anywhere you want

With the Roidmi S1E you can easily reach even the hardest to reach places. Thanks to its lightness, you can easily clean ceilings, sofas, window sills, corners and even laptops. You can also use it to vacuum up your car or garage. With the Roidmi S1E, nothing is impossible!




Special task brushes

Replacement brushes will make cleaning easier for you, so you can thoroughly clean all kinds of surfaces - from carpets to tiles and wooden floors. The set includes a multifunctional brush for floors and other surfaces, a small brush for cleaning uneven or hard-to-reach areas and a crevice brush. With their help you can reach almost anywhere - underfloor, keyboard, curtains - these and many other spaces will soon shine clean. With Roidmi S1E cleaning can be not only effective but also pleasant!




Efficient cleaning of various surfaces

Replaceable brushes, two types of rollers and effective filtration will thoroughly clean every surface. With Roidmi S1E you won't be afraid of cobwebs, dust or animal hair - you can easily get rid of them from even the hardest to reach places. With a velvet roller you can vacuum wooden floors or tiles perfectly, and with the carbon fibre roller you can easily clean stubborn pollen or pet hair from a fluffy carpet.




Powerful engine

The excellent performance of the Roidmi S1E is guaranteed by a lightweight brushless motor with speeds up to 80,000 rpm. The device can achieve power up to 300 W and 18000 pa. All this makes the hoover extremely efficient and stable. With its help you will effectively get rid of dust and other impurities at an express rate.




Take care of your health

The Roidmi S1E is also equipped with an effective, multilayer filtration system, which allows for the filtration of dust particles as small as 0.3 micrometers with a 99% cleaning accuracy. All of this makes it easy for you to create a clean, dust and allergen-free, safe home - an environment that will have a great impact on your health.



Quiet work that you will love

Contrary to what one might think, a hoover is not loud at all despite its great power! Equipped with multiple sound reduction, it reaches a noise level of only 83 dB, making it quiet and pleasant to use. So you don't have to worry about annoying noise - with the Roidmi S1E this problem disappears.




A durable battery that will allow you to do more

Roidmi S1E is powered by 6 batteries of fantastic power and quality. It only takes 2.5 hours to fully recharge them. A recharged hoover can operate for 40 minutes in standard mode, which enables general cleaning of the flat, or 10 minutes in enhanced mode, which is ideal for more difficult cases requiring thorough cleaning - the volume of air suction is as high as 950 l/min! So you don't have to worry about stubborn dust particles or cat hair tangled in the carpet - the Roidmi S1E can handle them with the power of the cyclone!




Smooth operation

The technology used in the brush effectively prevents hair entanglement and other waste. A huge flow of air instantly directs it to the dirt container. So you can say goodbye to the tedious cleaning of your brush. You also don't have to worry about clogging up your hoover and the loss of suction power - thanks to its technology, it separates dust and rubbish perfectly and prevents similar problems.




Simple and convenient control

The Roidmi S1E is not only efficient but also easy to use and extremely practical. When you hold the hoover at a 45° angle to the floor, its handle balances the weight of the motor and battery, relieving the user and sucking in dirt effectively. The Roidmi S1E is very intuitive to use, with one button on and off and a sensitive, ergonomically fitted second button for changing suction modes, making it incredibly easy to use. Forget about the poorly responsive switches - this device will surprise you with its smooth operation.




Store and recharge your device conveniently

Storing the hoover is also very practical - use the magnetic wall bracket, which you will find in the package, for this purpose. It's easy to reach for the hoover as soon as you see unwanted dust particles on the floor, and when you've finished cleaning, you can quickly hang it back. This is a fantastic solution that saves space and allows you to charge it at the same time with the included charger. Take advantage of these possibilities to save valuable time and space in the room!




An eye-catching design

The hoover has a simple yet stylish design. The large, ergonomic handle with a 270° curvature angle allows comfortable handling and guidance. The Roidmi S1E is available in two interesting colour versions. The grey/white hoover impresses with its classic, timeless elegance, which makes it a perfect match for almost any room. The Roidmi S1E in blue and white is a delight to the eye and adds a joyful, energetic atmosphere to the interior. So you can choose a device that perfectly suits your preferences and lifestyle, with which you can easily and pleasantly create a clean home.


In the box

Vacuum Cleaner ROIDMI S1 E
Aluminium pipe
Floor brush
Crevice brush
Little brush
Cleaning tool
Additional filter
Magnetic wall mount
Power supply
User manual




Model ROIDMI Cordless Vacuum Cleaner S1 E
Rodzaj Cordless 
Weight 1,3 kg
2200 mAH/48Wh
Suction 18000 Pa
Power 300 W
Dustbin capacity
400 ml
Engine speed 80,000 rpm
Color Moon grey/ Robin egg blue
Working time 40 min standard / 10min turbo
Charging time 2,5 h
Warranty 24 months
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