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Irrigator Noozles for Soocas W3 (standard)

  • Irrigator Noozles for Soocas W3 (standard)
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12 months.
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Replaceable nozzles SOOCAS W3 Standard - ideal for all days


If you use a SOOCAS W3 irrigator, remember that it is recommended to replace its tips at least once every 6 months - this is the only way to ensure optimal oral care. The SOOCAS W3 Standard replacement nozzle is ideal for everyday use. It effectively removes plaque as well as food debris and germs from between teeth. The water jet penetrates deeply even where no ordinary toothbrush reaches and massages the gums. In the set you will find 2 tips - it is a supply that is sufficient for a year of intensive, comprehensive teeth cleaning.





Producer Soocas
Model Nozzles Standard
Color Blue
Quantity included 2 pieces
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