BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender

  • BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender
  • BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender
  • BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender
  • BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender
  • BlitzWolf BW-NET3 WiFi Range Extender
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Blitzwolf signal amplifier - enjoy reliable transmission


Thanks to the modern Blitzwolf signal amplifier, you will never again be nervous about a poor WiFi connection in your home. The device provides stable and fast transmission at up to 1200 MB/sec. The dual 2.4 G + 5 G transmission range further increases your capabilities. Easy installation, wide compatibility and compact design make it extremely comfortable to use in almost all conditions.




 Forget the connection problems


Dead zones of WiFi and annoying connection losses will no longer be your problem. Thanks to the practical Blitzwolf device you will strengthen the signal and provide yourself with an extremely strong range throughout your home. The dual range offers speeds of up to 300 MB/s for 2.4 G and up to 867 MB/s for 5 G.



 Excellent coverage throughout the house


The walls will no longer be an obstacle to the signal. 2 3.5 dBi directional antennas allow instant transmission up to 1200 MB/s. This way you will create a powerful WiFi network in your home and enjoy a reliable connection in every room.



 Connect all your devices


The amplifier can handle up to 64 devices at the same time and stands out due to its extraordinary compatibility. So you don't have to worry that some of your devices will stay out of range - you can easily connect all of them and take full advantage of their capabilities..




 2 modes of operation


You can use the device in 2 ways - it will be perfect both as a signal amplifier and as a WiFi access point. This small tool is ideal for both of these purposes and provides the reliable performance you care about.






The amplifier is also characterized by a well thought-out design. The small size of 58x42.2x80.3 mm means that it will not take up too much space in your home and you can easily place it where you want it. The plug and play system means that you don't have to worry about complicated configuration - just plug it in. Operation is additionally facilitated by a convenient, multifunctional button and 3 LEDs, which indicate the operation of the amplifier.




Producer Blitzwolf
Model BW-NET3
Speed 100Mbps
Input AC100~240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
WLAN 20MHz,40MHz,80MHz in 5GHz band, 20/40MHz in 2.4GHz band, 11AC 2T2R to 867Mbps, 11N 2T2R to 300Mbps
Size 58 x 42.2 x 80.3mm
Power 12W
Frequency 2.4G/5G
Buttons Power (ON/OFF), Pinhole
Ethernet 1x RJ45 for 10/100 LAN Ethernet Port
Languages English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, German


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