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TWS Earphones BlitzWolf AA-UM5

  • TWS Earphones BlitzWolf AA-UM5
  • TWS Earphones BlitzWolf AA-UM5
  • TWS Earphones BlitzWolf AA-UM5
  • TWS Earphones BlitzWolf AA-UM5
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Blitzwolf wireless headphones - the kind you need


Blitzwolf wireless headphones with IPX5 waterproof class can accompany you wherever you want to go. The powerful 500 mAh battery gives them a surprisingly long working time and the intuitive touch control makes them easy to use. Advanced transducers and Bluetooth 5.0 connection guarantee reliable transmission and excellent sound quality. With 3 pairing modes, you can further customize the headphones to your needs.




 Perfect sound quality


Dual dynamic drivers deliver crystal clear HD sound. Noise reduction further increases the pleasure of listening to music or chatting with friends. Modern Blitzwolf headphones will allow you to fully enjoy natural, perfect audio quality.



 Say goodbye to delays


Experience the benefits of advanced Bluetooth 5.0. Enhanced signal strength, stable transmission, reduced latency and reduced power consumption - all this makes Blitzwolf headphones a pure pleasure to use. An additional advantage of this technology is the automatic pairing function - so you will forget about the cumbersome, complicated, manual configuration.




 Benefit from the advantages of an efficient battery


The efficient rechargeable battery allows you to listen to music for 4.5 hours or talk on the phone for about 3 hours. In standby mode, the device works for up to 55 hours! With the help of the charging case you can charge the headphones 4-5 times, which extends their operating time to 18-22.5 hours.




 Intuitive operation


Thanks to a comfortable touch panel you can easily operate the device. You can turn it on or off, answer the phone, rewind songs, and increase or decrease the volume - headphone control has never been so simple and intuitive!




 Listen to it as you wish


3 pairing modes allow you to use the headphones as you wish. You can pair them both and comfortably listen to music or talk on the phone. You also have the possibility to connect to the selected device only left or right if the situation requires it or you simply prefer. Everything is up to you!




 Always with you


The IPX5 water resistance class makes the headphones resistant to sweat or water drops. So you can listen to music while training or talk on the phone when you walk in the rain. With Blitzwolf you can enjoy your favorite songs or talk to your friends in almost any situation.




 Convenient and stylish


Ergonomic design makes the headphones lie perfectly in the ears and do not fall out of them. They are also extremely comfortable to use. They look really great - the extended handle and black and red colors give them an original, stylish character





Producer Blitzwolf
Model AirAux AA-UM5
Weight 95g
Microphone yes
Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance 10m
Impedance 32Ω
Usage time Music; 4,5h
Call time: 3h
Charging time

Earphones: 2h

Case: 2,5h

Charging type USB-C
Frequency 20Hz-20kHz


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