Motospeed N1 6400DPI Gaming Mouse

  • Motospeed N1 6400DPI Gaming Mouse
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Lightweight and durable

The N1 mouse was designed to offer you the highest level of comfort during gameplay. Thanks to its perforated casing, it's lightweight and comfortable to use. With 6-way DPI adjustment from 400 to 6400, you can easily adjust the device to the pace of the game and enjoy exceptional precision. The life of the mouse buttons is about 20 million clicks, so you can use it for a long time.




Perfect precision

The mouse delivers exceptional accuracy and precision, and with its lightning-fast response, it's also ideal for quick maneuvers. You can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse with a convenient button in the range of 400-800-1600-3200-4800-6400 DPI. In addition, the speed up to 6200 FPS and 220 IPS guarantees incredibly smooth operation. All this makes it easy for you to beat your opponents and set new records in your favorite games.




Designed for gamers

Weighing only 65g, this mouse has been specially designed to take the strain off your wrists during long gaming sessions. So you can use it for hours without feeling fatigue. Functional buttons enhance your gaming experience and satisfy all your needs for comfortable control during gameplay.



Product parameters

Brand Motospeed
Model N1 (Zeus6400)
DPI 400-800-1600-3200-4800-6400
Interface USB 2.0
Cable length 1.8m
Dimensions 128x66x39mm
Weight 110g±5g (with wire);
66g±5g (without wire);



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