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High speed cup blender JIMMY B32 700W

  • High speed cup blender JIMMY B32 700W
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Blender Jimmy B32

A daily dose of vitamins can be incredibly beneficial to your health. Using the Jimmy B32 blender, you can provide it to yourself in a quick, easy and delicious way. Its motor has a speed of 22.000 revolutions per minute which, together with the quadruple blade, allows you to prepare tasty smoothies in no time. Quiet operation, simple usage and 2 blending speeds make using this product easy and fun. In the set you will also find a portable cup, thanks to which you can drink healthy smoothies also outside the house. The Jimmy brand is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem.


Enjoy a delicious smoothie

The device is equipped with a 700W motor. The quadruple stainless steel blade, which can also handle hard ingredients and cut at different angles, are in full motion, giving your food a precise chopping action. The blender also features an innovative design that ensures all products are evenly blended. As a result, you can enjoy a smoothie that's free of poorly shredded particles.


Turn the dial to select the blending speed

Blender supports 2 speeds. To select one of them, simply turn the dial. Forget about complicated interfaces - the Jimmy B32 is fabulously easy to use. Use the first speed level for blending soft fruits and vegetables like watermelon or tomatoes. The second level is suitable for chopping hard foods. Use it to blend carrots, nuts and other similar products.


You can easily keep it clean

The B32 also has a Pulse mode, which you will use not only for blending. Activate it and the appliance cleans itself. This is a great time saver! What's more, you can wash the blender cup in the dishwasher without any worries. Keeping the Jimmy B32 clean is really easy and requires little effort.


Lightweight, roomy and health-safe cup

The blender cup has been made from a health safe and BPA free material. So you can prepare smoothies in it not only for yourself, but also for your children. With a capacity of 0.9l you will certainly have enough for everyday use. But that's not the end of the conveniences! The cup weighs only 0.5kg, so lifting it and pouring smoothies into glasses will not be a problem at all.


Drink healthy smoothies even outside the home

The included portable mug will make it convenient to take your prepared smoothie with you wherever you want - to the gym, to work or to a picnic. Made of BPA-free plastic - it is completely safe for health. Its cap guarantees an incredible tightness - you will not risk accidentally spilling your smoothie!




Model B32
Rated voltage 220-240V
Rated power 700W
Motor speed 22 000rpm
Noise level < 88db
Jar/cup material PCTG (BPA-free)
Jar capacity 0.9l
Weight Base with motor: 1.5kg;
Jar: 0.5kg;
Accessories Portable 600ml cup



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