Sonic toothbrush head DR.BEI 4D Cleaning (rose)

  • Sonic toothbrush head DR.BEI 4D Cleaning (rose)
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Dr.Bei sonic toothbrush head - thorough cleaning with TORAY and PEDEX

Japanese TORAY bristles and German PEDEX bristles are ultra-thin and only 0.01mm wide at the ends. The bristles clean teeth very thoroughly, removing stains from coffee or cigarette smoke while not irritating gums.


Antibacterial bristles

White bristles destroy 99% of bacteria found in the mouth. While the colored, spiral bristles thoroughly clean teeth.


Flexible 4D tip

Unlike a regular toothbrush head, this product from Dr. Bei bends 360° to thoroughly clean your teeth, reaching hard-to-reach places. Plus, the silicone finish protects your gums.


Complete oral hygiene

The toothbrush also takes care of proper tongue hygiene. With the silicone cleaner on the other side of the toothbrush head, you will clean your tongue thoroughly, preventing bacteria and bad breath.


In the box

  • Sonic toothbrush head x2




Brand Dr.Bei
Name Dr.Bei Sonic Electric Toothbrush Head
Model S7 S04
Dimensions 82x15.9mm
Weight 4g
Color Pink



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