Toothbrushes DR.BEI (4)

  • Toothbrushes DR.BEI (4)
  • Toothbrushes DR.BEI (4)
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Manual toothbrush from Dr.Bei

The product from Dr.Bei has everything you expect from a manual toothbrush. The 3 types of bristles thoroughly clean your teeth, and their arrangement protects your gums. The design of the toothbrush, on the other hand, is distinguished by its minimalism.


3 types of bristles for proper care

Dr.Bei used the highest quality bristles when manufacturing the Bass Toothbrush. German PEDEX spiral bristles reach hard-to-reach places, such as "wisdom teeth". The Japanese TORAY carbon bristles are antibacterial and gentle, but effectively remove plaque. The second type of TORAY bristle is on the outside and contains silver ions. It is antibacterial and protects gums during brushing. In addition, the bristles are shaped like mountains, so they thoroughly clean teeth and care for gums. The bristles reach the teeth and gums at a 45° angle, cleaning them thoroughly.


For the sake of oral health

The plates that hold the bristles are made of nickel and silver, making them more resistant to corrosion and bacterial ingress than copper or iron plates.


Simple but thoughtful design

Although the toothbrush is distinguished by its minimalist design, it is made of the highest quality ABS material, which is also used for food packaging. This makes it safe to use. The head of the toothbrush is small and its shape makes it easy to use and does not irritate your mouth. Additionally, the product is resistant to contamination. The colorful PP material part makes it easy to use especially for the visually impaired.


In the box

  • Manual toothbrush x4
  • Case x1




Brand Dr.Bei
Name Dr.Bei Bass Toothbrush
Material ABS, PP
Dimensions 18.5x1.13x1.71cm
Bristles Soft
Colors Blue, pink, green, orange



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