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Irrigator Noozles for DR.BEI GF3 (Orthodontics)

  • Irrigator Noozles for DR.BEI GF3 (Orthodontics)
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Dr.Bei irrigator nozzle

With the irrigator nozzle from Dr.Bei you will take care of proper oral hygiene. The product is suitable for the Dr. Bei GF3 irrigator. The orthodontic nozzle thoroughly cleans the spaces that cannot be reached by a toothbrush, while the thin bristles provide relief to gums irritated by braces.


Convenient and safe

The nozzle is shaped like a swan's neck, making it easier to use. The DuPont bristles are fine and ultra-thin, so you can be sure that even very narrow spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and your gums will not be irritated. The nozzle rotates 360°, which makes it even easier to use. The product is made from the same material as food packaging, which makes it safe.


Nozzle replacement

To replace the nozzle, press and then slide the release button. Remove the nozzle. Then, insert the new nozzle in the same place, when you hear a click, it means the nozzle has been installed correctly. For best results, remember to replace the nozzle every 3-6 months.


In the box

  • Orthodontic nozzle x2




Brand Dr.Bei
Name Water Flosser Functional Nozzle
Material ABS
Type Orthodontic



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